FREE RANGE EP. 001: NETIC – “Escape Velocity”

Double 0 finally has a place for his random musings.

Been working on this for last month or so…. if you have ever spoken to me you know that I am often jam packed with random facts that jump out at any moment. Hopefully this can be a repository for random valuable information that can be useful to any part of your life. 

“FREE RANGE” a podcast by Double 0. First episode features a great friend @netic. If you know him you know that it’s about to go down! and if you don’t then tune in. He is the frontman for @gamerebellionmusic co-owner of a mild 😂conspiracy enthusiast and smart as fuck. So listen when you can and SUBSCRIBE on ITunes, Stitcher, Youtube or Spotify.  I appreciate any and all feedback (email below) as I figure out formatting for the show.

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