EP. 002: DONWILL – “That Thing”

Sup Ya’ll,

“Maybe It’s time to quit”  If you are a creative you have most likely asked yourself this 10 min ago, 1 hour ago, 1 day ago.  The pressures of “making it” by x age or y time are ingrained in us before we embark on any creative goal.  In Hip Hop specifically and entertainment at large the time limits to reach the top was often marked by a specific age.  If you don’t make it in rap by 25 it’s over.  Then it was 30, then 40. 

But a funny thing happened 40 years into the genre, social media.  Hip hop has always walked hand in hand with technological advances and because of this people within the culture are often the first to test, manipulate and innovate. 

So always pay attention to how Hip Hop reacts because it often is foreshadows the rest of the world.  

The idea that you HAVE to quit at any goal now are almost non existent because the gatekeepers now are simply the fans.  And do they REALLY care?  As long as they are getting to build a relationship with someone/something they connect with for as long as possible then they will do so.

This week on the podcast I sit down with Donwill, 1/3 of the rap group Tanya Morgan.  Like my group (Kidz In The Hall) we came up in a time of extreme flux and uncertainty.  As this brave new world has settled though new paths have been illuminated and he has added many slashes to his bio.  We talk a bit about what was but mostly what is and what’s next not only for us but the culture as a whole.

Tune In

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