EP. 003: Justin Hunte – “The Happening”

Should I Even Be Here?

Sup Ya’ll,

Last week one of the college homies Brian Peterson made a post about truly claiming your entire space. Often times we second guess ourselves in the environment we are found in and because we feel a bit like imposters we do not truly utilize the resources available to our benefit.

Success is not just about “getting there”.  It MUST include recognition that not only are you entitled to the space you have worked extremely hard for but everything offered is available and should be used, by you.  Job, school, label whatever your goals, recognize you are the recipient of your hard work and the spoils are yours to use.

This week on the podcast we have Justin Hunte a.k.a The Company Man.  From extremely early in his career he realized a sense of self worth that allowed him to make demands of his situations/surroundings accordingly.  And when it was time to move on he could do so knowing full well he was the commodity. I wish I understood this as early as he did but glad I do now.  We also hypothesize about what a Black Wall Street (2019) could look like.

So tune in and let’s talk about it.  – free to continue the convo with me freerangetalk@gmail.com

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