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#016: Alexander Fruchter – “Don’t Quit your Day Job”

“Don’t quit your day job” is a statement that is often used to discourage people from chasing their dreams outside of this the 9-5 work sphere.  These often are people who don’t believe in you but this episode is titled that way because I want to explore what happens in 2019 there are so many opportunities at your fingers tips through the internet that you never HAVE to leave your desk.  So why is quitting our day jobs a mark of success? What if your job is something that you enjoy doing are inspired by and fulfilled but you’re passions outside of it fulfill you in a different way?

It’s part of the conversation we explored today with my whole me Alexander Fruchter who is the founder and head of Closed Sessions a record label that started as a compilation project and has turned into a full-blown indie label with releases from some of the best known up and coming artists in the Chicago music scene.  Their newest release Legacy Legacy by the artist Jamila Woods is out right now.

At the same time, Alexander is running a record label he also is a professor Columbia College teaching students about the music industry and has a unique dichotomy between having to between teacher and a practitioner.

So maybe “don’t quit your day job” can be much more literal and positive statement if you enjoy what you’re doing.  Especially if you’re giving back by teaching.

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This week we jump back to a few previous episodes to uncover conversations that did not make the original podcasts.  Justin Hunte and I discuss the music industry more in-depth.  The issues with the artist not being able to collectively bargain and bad contracts.  We then expand the conversation to how we can use hip hop as a catalyst to create a better society.  Netic drops his knowledge on gentrifying your own hood.  

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Eric and Jeff Rosenthal a.k.a ItsTheReal blesses the 12th episode of the Free Range Podcast.  Double 0 catches up with them in their new digs to discuss their upbringing, defying their parents and their own preconceived ideas about themselves and how podcasts are part of the way they give back to the culture they love so much.  We also talk about social media diets and Coolio.  Tune In

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This week we pick the podcast right back up with artist Outasight. Instead of the traditional route, he found success through licensing his music and it has lead to platinum singles and more importantly success on his own terms.  We talk about his upbringing living just outside NY, coming up in the open mic scene, discovering his sound and realizing a major label deal isn’t everything you hoped for.  We spend some of the intro saying goodbye to Nipsey Hussle.  As an indie artist, I wanted to shed light on the practical ideas for his business that helped find him success.     

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Free Range sits down with Novena Carmel this week.  She is a cultural fixture in the LA music scene as a DJ, Event Host, Singer, Talent Booker and member of the group Wallpaper.  We talk a bit about growing up with a famous father (Sly Stone) and using those gifts given to you to carve your own path rather than imitating those who came before.  [NOTE:  My mics failed in this episode and all I was able to use was camera audio.  So if you can bear with the audio imperfections this should be an extremely enjoyable podcast]

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